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[Blau-kursiv schreibt das weltwärts-Team der .lkj) Sachsen-Anhalt]

In one of his mails Mo from our partnerorganisation DUNK – Grassroots asked: Why we keep doing this [North-South-Exchange] or maybe forcing cooperation?

And he stated: In the name exchange, I have observed the total disrespect and disregard of many young teenagers in Ghana to the culture, efforts, etc. of course, there are good personalities and those who live the moment with a pure heart and open mind to learn. I also admit, its two sided and local partners need to play their role efficiently.

I can see Raymond stand [see Raymond’s story from 22.3.22] and how gutted he must be feeling! At this point, I try to stay positive and complete my commitment to this so-called cooperation in August; keep you as a friend and turn away from this page!

We see the point; a balanced and fair partnership on institutional level as well as on social level is very dificult and nearly impossible as we are all part of a global system, which actually is not fair. The global disbalance (caused by economic and historic reason) can’t be changed easily, but if we do one step by another, respecting eachother and everything, living with pure heart and open mind, we may start a change, which is necessary. In front of our doors, inside us, on an other continent.

We recommand “Das Märchen von der Augenhöhe” by glokal e.V.


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